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Video Log Day 35

AI Project is now completed!

You can find it in the menu above (under the appropriately named ‘AI Project’ or if you’d prefer to be lazy about it you can click here to try the prototype.

Again, it can’t save or load your information just yet but everything else is in place.  If you’d like to be involved in the testing then comment on the video or send me a quick message telling me whether you’d like to fill in the feedback form (it’s about a page long) or just send me your comments.

Video Log Day 34

Video log for yesterday; in here I talk about finishing the code (all except the XML) and the background of the AI Project (graphics).  This morning when I looked at it again I actually had a little more code to add to make the video display properly and to tidy up some other things; the load and save functions have been abandoned for the moment due to time constraints.

They shall be added! Only, later.

Initial Screen Designs

After a month of waiting, I’ve finally gone ahead and created a screencast showing the initial project screen designs.  I explain them quite a bit in the video so I won’t go into too much detail but since compressing messed up the colour images I’ll show them just below as well.

Since their creation the design itself has changed a lot; the response buttons are now in each of the corners, the AI text doesn’t jump around all over the place, and the style of background colours is in the process of changing.

Anyway, enjoy the video, have a skim through the designs at the bottom, and enter the poll (or comment over on Youtube).

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.