How to use this site

You can experience the documentary in multiple ways, but to get you started here are the three most common:

Linear Progression

Start with the About pages, move on to the ‘concept and design’ section.  After that section move on to the Implementation section before concluding with the Testing and Evaluation sections.

This will give you the most specific, in-depth view of the project and allow you to see all of the information in its ‘correct’ order.


Watch the documentary film, stopping whenever you see something interesting and viewing the corresponding further information.

This allows you to have the broadest view with the least amount of time consumed in a cohesive, neatly presented journey with only the relevant parts presented.  You’ll probably miss some information this way, however, it may not be something you’ll miss.

Pick and Dip

Read the About pages.  Then go to the first shiny thing, devour that, and then to the next thing.  Repeat until satisfied.

Let’s be honest; I’d do this.  I’m relatively certain the majority will too!  I won’t be offended, and we’ll just keep this between us, hm?

Notes on Community

If you’re at all familiar with blogs then a cursory look around will confirm that this is, in fact, one of them, and that it’s missing a ‘key’ component to social interaction.  Comments are disabled across the board, and instead on important posts there are short polls.

Maybe this is slightly contrary, but I wondered if more people would interact if all they had to do was click a couple of buttons.  There’s an ‘Other’ option in each for people that want to speak their minds, and there’s the added bonus that I don’t have to deal with comment moderation.  If you’d like to discuss something with me at any point then my contact form is always open.