About the Project

Ever wonder what it’d be like to have someone in your life that understood you?

Entirely, I mean.  Knew you inside out, back to front, and upside down (with a clown hat on).  Really understood where you were coming from and how best to help you at any given time.

This site is part of a documentary showing the creation of such a someone.  Artificial Intelligence is growing on the horizon, people are being told that talking to themselves or imaginary friends is good for them, and in a lot of ways the world is morphing around us.  What happens if we take those new theories, new technologies, and smush them together?

What happens if we create an artificial representation of ourselves that grows and thinks and becomes, while remaining your friend and confidant?

In an effort to bring those questions to light, a prototype is being created to show roughly how such a ‘being’ would interact with a user.  Details of the creation process, conceptualisation and testing of this prototype will be shown through film and this website.  Outcome unknown.