Beginnings of a Subconscious Project

I’ve been agonising over how to write this introductory post for a couple of weeks now.  In the beginning I thought about just writing a more concise synopsis of my project idea, that was given up as a ‘lazy’ way out.

The next bright idea was to use metaphor heavily and discuss stereotypes relating to imaginary friends and people that talk to themselves (and receive answers).  Extremely exaggerated stuff, painting vibrant pictures of the small, shy child that everyone knew as a kid but no one really connected with, sitting alone at lunch, wandering around the playground.  Maybe even swinging forlornly in the last days before summer holidays.  The most depressing things should always happen when its bright and sunny around you.

Or going the opposite direction and showing the popular, chatty children.  You know the ones; they always had a group of enthralled classmates around them, always had a story to tell and even if it wasn’t that interesting they’d have an audience.  That child may even go home and continue chattering away, only this time with soft animals as their playmates.

‘Failure’ and ‘Success’ on the same subject, both pushed so far out there that neither is strictly believable.  Because of that, connecting closer and more sweepingly to every childhood we (at least in the western world) went through.  Within extremes there’s always some thread we can relate to; within ourselves, within people we know.

But I didn’t go that route.

Instead of launching into the theory surrounding my project, or even into what the project itself is, I wanted to kick a pebble off a cliff.  Maybe it’ll fall into a pool and make some ripples, maybe those will disturb something larger.  Maybe it’ll fall flat into some mud and the only discernable difference will be a small group of ants altering their course slightly.

So for a moment forget everything you’ve just read, there’s one very important question I wanted to ask.  Not to hear the answers (it’s why I don’t have comments or a poll on this post), but because it’s the thing I’m most curious about right now.

Would having someone you can talk to, completely in your corner, ready to help and understand whenever needed make life better and would that person have to be another human being?  Can we even trust in another that much?