Below you can find details on the types of roles I can take on within a project, but here are some other pieces of information you’ll find useful.

Because I love them so much, here are the types of projects I can produce the best work for split out by industry.

Games โ€“ RPGs, Tower Defence, Puzzle, Horror, Stealth, Strategy, and quirky games that don’t really fit a genre.

Film โ€“ Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Action, Animated (all kinds, it’s probably my main movie love).

Television โ€“ Much like Film, except I also enjoy Political Drama, Period, and Spy/Agent/Crime projects.

Across the board I bring a desire to do my best, learn, grow, innovate, work hard, play well with others in the team and outside of it, and remain on schedule. Also pretty good about communicating throughout the project so working remotely isn’t a challenge (or I can work on site within the Vancouver area or Edmonton).

If you want to bring me on board or hire me for your project, contact me through any of the methods on the Contact page or through and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with next steps.

Roles I can perform

General 3D Artist

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have specialized roles for a project, particularly if you have a smaller team.

You still need the reliability that larger teams do, coupled with a better understanding of the whole pipeline and organizational skills. It also becomes way more important that the people in your team can work together and get along reasonably well. You also want skills that compliment the others on your team and fill in any gaps.

When working as a general 3D Artist I can handle most modeling, unwrapping, texturing, lighting, VFX and rendering tasks. I prefer not to rig or animate (those aren’t my main strengths) and my subject matter preference is for environment and props, vehicles, buildings, etc.

Because of these strengths I can work seamlessly with your other 3D artists and team members, particularly if you already have someone who loves to work with characters and animate.

Specific 3D Art Roles

If you’re a larger studio or structured to have more defined roles, then your needs are slightly different.

You want someone with an in depth knowledge of a specific part of the pipeline, who has spent time learning and growing in that role and can work on that one piece for the duration of the contract without going crazy.

You probably also want someone who can produce work that fits well into the rest of the workflow, so that sections aren’t being repeated more than necessary. Being adaptable and willing to take on the file conventions / best practices of your studio is likely also valuable.

When working within a specific role I prefer taking on Prop Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, or Visual Effects (Particles etc). I have other skills but these are the ones I feel most confident in, and I can perform them to a basic level of competency.

I fit best into a role where I can work hard, go to more experienced artists for advice and direction, and improve.

3D Art Commissions

Do you want a specific piece of art, or a concept fleshed out and don’t really need me to be available for a contract?

I also take on some art commissions; if you’re interested send me an email to with details and you’ll get a response from me within the day expressing whether I can help.