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Stone Creature

The funny thing about this piece is that, although all the texturing, lighting, effects and background were my own creation, UV unwrapping etc, the base model itself belonged to another student. Keir Herriot gets credit for that!

We swapped models just for fun to see what would happen with the finished pieces and to date this is one of my favourites.

Speed Modelling Challenge

Created this model for a challenge on one of the forums I spent a great deal of time on in college (either 3D Total, CGHub or ImagineFX); the rules were that you had to create a chariot for the devil in 10 hours or less. I managed to keep to time but I wish I’d made the scene brighter / better textured.

Harley Davidson Motorbike

Further testament to my contrariness while studying; everyone else made a car of some description. I decided that I wanted more of a challenge, plus motorbikes are cool. While I was modeling, I’m fairly sure that I had no idea what most of the parts I faithfully reproduced did.

I also used this model in my demo reel with a background that better shows it off (and possibly some texture upgrades), video to be added soon.

Sea Stallion Helicopter

Another part of the vehicle module; because I was feeling contrary and the brief said create an aircraft I chose a helicopter instead of a plane. To this day I’m pleased with the results, and even though I had conflicting blueprints to work from I believe it turned out fairly accurately.

Surreal Flower

This was created over the course of 4 hours as an experiment in texture. The idea is that it was a lily from another time and place, where the main light source was from the ground rather than the sky and the world is obscured by mists. Note: This was done long before Avatar came out, in 2009-2010.

Alley Scene

I actually worked on this scene twice; first when I started learning 3D and later when I was putting together a demo reel (last worked on in 2011). Below you can see the reworked image alongside the older one, more attention was paid to realism and a better understanding of lighting / texturing.


Created for a unit in environments, particular attention was paid to the textures and making it appear as if it really were underwater.


Created as accurately as possible using blueprints of the Parthenon, this was a study in lighting. Videos of the rest of the model will be added as soon as possible.

Skeletal Creature

While the full creature was never created (project constraints) I’m proud of what I achieved with the head, feet, and hands. Each of the bones is based on real human anatomy, with the horns being modeled after an Impala. The teeth are a mixture of human and canine (with some slight exaggeration with the sizing).

The concept is that of an undead sorcerer who, after completing a dark ritual has left humanity behind for the purity of skeletal form. Parts of the old body stubbornly cling to the bones though they are rotting away.

Chris Craft

This model was created during college in 2010 from blueprints of a Chris Craft. Time to complete was two weeks. Textures were procedurally created for the post part, with exception being parts of the dashboard.