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Heather Craik
Skype: TylinaVespart

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The easiest way to reach me is through email or the quote form below; I respond within 24 hours and check my email multiple times a day. I’m not, however, glued to my inbox so it won’t be instantaneous.

You can also reach me through Skype; this is ideal for longer conversations and I accept contact requests within 24 hours. Use this option if you have something more in depth to discuss and I’ll be happy to come talk to you.

You’ll notice a lack of phone number on here – there are a number of reasons for this. First, I travel around a lot for work and play so I don’t always have the same number available or an ability to answer it. Second, I find its not useful to jump on the phone before having some idea of what we’re going to be talking about. A short email can make the difference between a 5 minute call and a 50 minute one. Third, I work with people from all timezones and I prefer sleep to being woken up at 3am.

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