Recap: Making Your Work Easier To Use

aprilarticle4Ease of Use is the first pillar of 3D Mastery for a reason; it’s simple to implement, will improve your work exponentially, makes you easier to work with over all, and is repeatable. This month we delved further into the concept and looked at how to actually put it into practice in our work.

This Month’s 3D Mastery Recap

Making Time for Better Work: Without impacting your normal day

First we made time to make the improvements we’ll find necessary by carving out an extra 20 minutes per day. We even made sure it wouldn’t impact on our normal work activities.

Why Teamwork is Essential for a 3D Artist: And how to be a Fantastic Team Player

Then we looked at how to make life easier for other people in our team, the next stages of any project, and for ourselves. Including a recap of research and validation methods.

Improve Forever: In Five Minutes a Day

Finally we pulled it all together into an ongoing improvement process, and introduced the Daily 5 Minute Evaluation. Designed to make the best use of your improvement time slots.

How This Month Helps You Master 3D Art

Putting this month’s action steps into practice will position you in the best place to improve; your skills, your work, your earnings, your reputation and your relationships with other artists inside and outside your team.

You’ll know exactly how to tweak what you’re doing every day so that the results are a little better each time, and you will have a quick, painless evaluation method that you have a hope of sticking to each day. When you implement the tasks you’ll also be taking positive steps every single day in a systematic manner that leaves you zero excuses to slack off (this is a good thing).

And you’ll be improving the lives of those around you a little bit more each time you implement an improvement. Easy karma points, no?

Next Steps

If you haven’t already go back through the articles and implement the action steps found within; you can’t gain the desired results without putting in the work.

Next month we’ll be moving swiftly on to the other pillar of mastery; Emotion. Once again, to make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up for our newsletter (I write an extra article each week just for subscribers that makes every mastery post on the blog easier to work on).

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