Introduction to Mastery for 3D Artists


What is this all about

When you take a walk around the web and when you care about the work you do a couple of things are bound to happen. First, you’ll find a lot of stuff on being productive, getting the most our of your work week, finding your purpose, etc. Second, when you get a bit better at searching, you’ll start to notice a bunch of stuff on ‘achieving mastery’ in your chosen field. Third, having consumed all this information you’ll have realized that none of it specifically applies to 3D Art and any benefit you gain is the result of tinkering.

Since I also care about my work and want to achieve this thing called ‘mastery’, and I’m also a 3D Artist, I decided that I should make a guide for people like us.

An ongoing one. With videos. And pictures. Maybe the occasional info-graphic.

This first month I’m taking some time to really delve into what “Mastery” means in our field and create a working definition that we can all use going forward.


The Two Parts of Mastery

I’m choosing to identify the two main components of Mastery as follows;

Ease of Use – How simple it is to fit whatever it is you do into the rest of the pipeline, and how easy you make it for other people to do their jobs.

Feeling – Because the very best effects are the ones you don’t even notice as effects.

When you can consistently produce pieces that encapsulate those two components (as well as all the other things that make a ‘Good’ piece) you can be considered a master at your craft.

Why Is This Important

Chances are if you’ve read this far and already watched the video you know why its important to have more people who can be considered masters. However, since I’m a helpful soul at heart, I’ll spell it out in the way I see it so we can crystallize that vision.

Big Picture (IE – The Whole Industry)

When more of us are so good at what we do, and are achieving that mastery thing, then something amazing will happen to the 3D art industry. It’ll get better as a whole. We’ll be able to contribute to an entire narrative that we can’t even see right now. And we might finally be able to have original, inspiring, touching and meaningful movies coming out of Hollywood on a regular basis.

Middle Picture (For your projects)

A masterful piece trumps a good piece in every way. When all your projects and pieces you work on have that extra stamp of mastery they will go that little bit further into the world (and possibly history if you’re really cool like that).

Little Picture (The important bit that affects you)

On a personal level you can expect a boost in the following areas; Confidence, Ability, Instant-Cool Factor when you meet new people, Prestige, Better Pay, and Growth. I’m pretty sure we all want these things.

How To Proceed

To recap – Mastery is awesome and you want it, it’s split roughly into two areas, and I have a guide that I’ll be posting on a weekly basis where I explain what it is and how to achieve it.

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