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Be a Master: Artist Assess Thyself


This month is about the work and learning before 3D mastery.

Last month we took an extremely high level look at what mastery in 3D means, how to become a better VFX artist, and the two pillars to take your work from good to fantastic.

This month we’re dialing it back from our lofty goals to something closer to home. If you’re anything like me you know you have the skills and because of this it’s really tempting to run off and start doing the advanced stuff straight away.

This is wrong. Foolish. Foolhardy. Sandcastle in the sky-worthy. And generally a bad idea. Continue reading

Introduction to Mastery for 3D Artists


What is this all about

When you take a walk around the web and when you care about the work you do a couple of things are bound to happen. First, you’ll find a lot of stuff on being productive, getting the most our of your work week, finding your purpose, etc. Second, when you get a bit better at searching, you’ll start to notice a bunch of stuff on ‘achieving mastery’ in your chosen field. Third, having consumed all this information you’ll have realized that none of it specifically applies to 3D Art and any benefit you gain is the result of tinkering. Continue reading