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Weekend Wanderings; 2 Short Animations you Must see

This is the part of the week where I take a look at the things I saw that connected with me, made me laugh, or were just interesting in general and report back. This particular week that means I’m talking about two animations; lets get to it.


Alight is a short animation less than three minutes long about a fire boy (Sparker) and a water girl (Aquanna). It was made by over 20 people; Jason Keyser was the one that posted it online. Before I get into any more detail, watch the animation.

Alight from Jason Keyser on Vimeo.

When I watched Alight there was an instant connection with the two main characters; you understood who they were and what they were about straight away and even though the animation was short you really felt sad when things didn’t quite work out for them.

The style was beautiful, the animation well executed and seemed to breathe, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Dream Maker

Dream Maker took four years to complete, and once featured in Siggraph (among other film festivals) winning the jury honours award. The creator, Leszek Plichta, is a short film director and CG Artist to this day and you should definitely follow him on LinkedIn after you’ve checked out this short.

DREAMMAKER from Leszek on Vimeo.

Dream Maker’s story is touching. There’s no other way to describe it really; you really want things to turn out well with the characters, the plot makes sense (both marks of good writing), and it has a happy ending. The visuals are gorgeous and you can see a lot of work and thought has gone into the whole thing.

Very well done Leszek!

If you haven’t already seen them, remember to take a quick look at this weeks posts. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Posting for Busy People; The non-post

When you really need to distract your readers, use cute baby animals!

The non-post can be constructed whenever you’re too busy with other things, really need to take a break, or simply have nothing worth saying at that point in time.

Time until completion: 10 minutes.

“For the Blogger with obligations – a real life-saver!”

Follow these simple steps to freedom!

1. Admit Defeat

State that you’re incredibly busy but really wanted to come and speak to your readers anyway as promised.  Do not pause to apologise too much (no need to be effusive), however make sure that your lack of time is known.

2. Craft a post from your failure

Make it short and derivative.  The more you go on about managing commitments and time the better.  Leave no cliche un-revived and no axe un-ground.

3. Add an important life lesson

Essential.  Wrap it up with something obvious, but so true that people can’t argue with you about it.  Sleep being important is a good one, as is taking the time to play.

4. Proceed to ignore that life lesson

Vital.  How can you advise your audience if you don’t do it incorrectly 99% of the time?

5. Vow to do something better next week

Timed right, this is your saving grace.  Don’t belabour the point however give it as much time as your lack of time earlier in the post.

To conclude

Missing a post or ten is ok, provided you have an excellent reason or three.

Joking aside, I really do have next to no time at the moment.  College is eating most of my spare time, and if I’m not doing that I’m off gallavanting about the internet setting up side-projects and writing for books (Out Monday, expect a post).  As an interesting fact I worked out the amount of time I’d be spending per week on everything if I only did exactly what I was meant to do – its in the region of 80 hours.

Snow weeks are my saviour.

Scatterbrained and Amused

Apparently I’m not quite myself again yet. For most of the last week I’ve been fighting a pretty bad cold (yea, I know, how glamorous) – while I feel absolutely fine today I’m still completely scatterbrained and all over the place!

As such, I don’t have an aweful lot to say… Unless you like random babbling? I’m just going to do us all a favour and leave it here with one parting thought:

Everyone loves honesty, until they have to hear it.

Enjoy the video, it amused me for all the wrong reasons.

Girl Ruins Marriage on Game Show

Relaxation Guide; Make Your Weekends Count

In the past we’ve talked about ‘Sudden Lull Syndrome‘ and taking a break in the middle of a project.  Which is great, and we should definitely do more of that (me included, it’s a constant battle).  This post isn’t about relaxing after something big.  Today, ladies, gentlemen, and frogs we’re going to talk about weekends.

Behaviour One – What are weekends?

When Saturday rolls round do you look at the calendar, shrug, and go back to work?  Or (worse) do you say ‘Yay, Saturday!  Now I can catch up on…’?  Does this happen on Sunday as well?

If so, for the duration of this post, we’re going to classify you as an ‘Intentional Workaholic’.  Do not be alarmed (whatever a ‘larmed’ is) I know lots of people in the same boat, and for the purposes of this post that’s my current label too.  Score one for the team.

Behaviour Two – Sweet! It’s the weekend!  I can do something fun, just after I check on…

Do you play Facebook games?  Are you forever losing hours and hours to simple things like msn and gmail?  Do you check stats and messages constantly throughout the day?

Then proudly attach ‘Attention Wanderer’ to your list of labels.  This is my typical Sunday behaviour, because I make it a rule not to work on anything in particular.  Time likes disappearing in this mode, and usually I wind up feeling bored after the first hour – too bored to do anything more fun!  Horrible isn’t it?

Behaviour Three – Screw you guys, I’m not doing it any more!

Do you get to the weekend and want to go into hiding?  Does the hermit lifestyle sound appealing so long as you have all the necessary comforts and distractions?  Have your weekend gaming sessions exceeded 3 hours at a time?

Congratulations, you have the ‘I’ve had it’ label.  After a particularly stressful week this is what I turn to; completely ignoring everyone around me, I retreat into something fun and solitary for the better part of the day.  Then feel guilty that nothing got done.  Aside from the guilt, this is probably the least damaging behaviour.

You can now throw away your labels

Or burn them and dance round the fire should you wish.  If you’ve read this far you’ve already found something to relate to in one of the situations above, and that means this post is for you.  Hi there.

For the especially observant among you, you may have noticed that I ascribe to all three behaviours.  Who am I to tell you how to do things differently?

I’ve made the wrong choice often enough to know its the wrong choice

Somewhere, you know it too.  Inside there’s something you’d rather be doing when you’re working on a Saturday, chatting for hours on msn, or hiding with a game.  I don’t know what it is, it’s different for everyone.  What I do know is that so long as we keep on as we are we’re missing out.  Big time.

Possible Actions for Possible Results

  1. Get up at the same time as you would during the week
  2. Work for at most two hours on a Saturday morning to prepare for Monday
  3. After the work go and play for a few hours (whatever this means for you)
  4. Check your websites etc in the evening
  5. Then go and unwind with a film or book
  6. Instead of work on Sunday, do something that makes you truly happy for a couple of hours
  7. Rinse and repeat

Between us, let’s run a test.

From a whole boatload of reading and paying attention to my own emotions and energy levels I came up with the short list above.  I think it may save our sanity and our weekends.  I’ll follow it myself, and you can choose to do the same if you like.   Feel free to suggest more points, or strategies in the comments; we could even make a case study together at some point.

Until then, let’s just keep this between us.  One weekend waster to another.

This is why Charmeleon hates Ash…

I know, it’s review day.  Well, to be more accurate, its review and fun day.  So, today I’ve elected ‘fun’; also apt, since I’ll be making a review of the new Pokemon games as soon as I get my hands on them.

If anyone remembers the series the title will make perfect sense to you; here’s a recap.  Charmander joined Ash early on in his pokemon journey, but as soon as he evolved he wouldn’t listen to a word his trainer said.  Psychologists finally got hold of the pokemon for a comment, then a team of artists depicted the gruesome tale in pictorial form.  Ash remains shocked, claiming “I didn’t know there was a problem!  He never said anything to me about it…”  while Charizard states that its all water under the bridge now anyway.

Throwing pokeballs causes cranial damage to Charmander

3D is no substitute for Sleep

Catch some Zs

3D is no substitute for sleep

I don’t want to write today.

My eyes want to droop,

Shoulders are determined to stoop,

And besides, the sky is grey.

I’d rather be asleep!

Bravely defending castles,

Ignoring real world hassles,

Trolling caverns deep.

Or maybe rescuing some pretty woman!

Doing battle with a dragon,

Then heading off to down a flagon,

(No better way to fall off the wagon)

But instead I have this post looming.

A pox on all 3D hobbies!

Drew me in with seductive stare,

Bathed me in your monitor glare,

Left the hours to drift by, unaware…

A cruel attempt to distract and stop me!

Never again will I deny sleep.

(Except maybe on odd nights,

Where the moon is out and the stars are bright,

On those days, I think I might…)

That’s my promise, to try and keep.

Something This Blog Always Needed

First of all, I know you’re expecting to see a review today; Truth is I started writing about ‘The Last Hero‘ by Terry Pratchett, got half way through, and decided that to really do it justice I needed more time to think on it.  It’s an amazing book by one of my all time favourite authors; want to do it justice!

Second my boyfriend assures me that my blog requires a Mouse for (Optional) Cuteness.  Here it is (credit to The Cupboard Mouse for the image):

Thanks for being patient; I’ll see you on Sunday with the first part of my webcomic!