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GP: Website in a Weekend; Hacking and Stuff

I completely forgot I said I’d link you!

Over the last couple of days my full story on what happened with our recent hacking has been posted on Website in a Weekend.  Since it was so long Dave kindly split it into two posts;

  1. Silence is Golden?  Not according to Heather
  2. After the Hack, Restore or Start Fresh? (Heather got Hacked!)

Stop by and leave a comment, all ‘secrets’ revealed. 😉

First Guest Post – Website in a Weekend

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that my first guest post went live earlier today; it’s over at Dave’s site ‘Website in a Weekend’. You should check it out, there’s my usual level of hilarity but this time it’s directed towards CommentLuv and all the things we love about it.

Here’s your link through, but before you leave; for the rest of the bloggers out there – do you remember your first guest post? Where was it and why?

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to check out Dave’s site!