Ambient Occlusion Combined with Toon Shader Tutorial

(Editors note: Hey folks, this is the last post we’ll be seeing on here until January sometime – I’m entering a heavy development phase and I can’t maintain this as well. I will be back though, promise. For now, over to Prantic)

Hey there back with another Maya rendering tutorial and this time its on Render Composites of Maya’s Mental Ray Ambient Occlusion Texture and ToonShader.
With the combination of these two shader networks we can create a very cool composite that can be used for any CG stylized animation or commercial product rendering.
Here we’ll learn about different techniques to render out AO pass and then combine them with the Maya TS.

The video training can be categorized into:

  1. Ambient Occusion Through manuel object Plugin
  2. AO through layer compositing
  3. Toon Shader techniques
  4. Compositing the render scenes in Photoshop


Ambient Occlusion and ToonShader Render Composite Tutorial from Heather Craik on Vimeo.

Or watch it on Prantic’s Channel.

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