3D Burning Paper Tutorial (FumeFX)

3D Burning Paper Effect (Ian Steve) from Heather Craik on Vimeo.

Hello everyone, I’m Ian Steve, welcome to another 3d tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to  to create a nice 3d burning paper effect with FumeFx plugin in 3DS Max. Ok.. let’s get started.

The first step, let’s create a simple plane on perspective view. Size or color doesn’t matter.

Open up material editor, select ‘Get Material’ and apply Gradient Ramp on the first slot.

Now, we can add 2 keys on the Gradient Ramp color until we get a white thin line like picture below. Set the noise amount to 0.1 and size to 2.

Now, let’s create texture for the paper. Drag the first slot material to the diffuse color on the second slot and choose ‘instance’. Rename it to ‘Paper’. Then apply it to the paper on stage.

Apply UVW Map modifier to the paper. Rotate the gizmo 900 and scale it up little bit.

Let’s scale up the timeline to 400 or 450. Go to the first slot of your material editor then turn on Auto Key. Animate the 3 middle keys from left to right. Then, turn off the Auto Key.


Go to second slot, drag/copy the diffuse map to opacity map, and clear its diffuse map.

Go to gradient ramp parameters delete the second keys and edit the color like picture below. Don’t move or delete the other keys.

We can now create the temperature map. Copy the opacity map to the new slot then rename it to ‘Temperature’, select ‘output’ and choose ‘invert’.

Edit the gradient color of the temperature map like below.

Now, let’s apply the FumeFx grid to the whole paper. Select FumeFx Helpers, choose ‘Object src’ and draw this outside the grid. Choose ‘pick object’ and click the paper.

Select the Object Src, set the Fuel, Temperature, and Smoke map to ‘Source from Intensity’. Chose instance for all map.

Open FumeFx UI, go to General Tab and set the Spacing to 1 . Then go to Simulation tab set the parameters like below :

–          Quality : 3 (depends on your computer spec)

–          Bouyancy : 0.65

–          Burn rate : 12.5

–          Dissipation strength : 5

–          Check Fire Creates Smoke.

Go to Obj/Src tab and choose ‘pick object’. Then click the src helper on stage. You can also change the fuel or smoke color from Rendering tab. Let’s start the simulation. And here is what I got on output preview.

Finally, render the scene as video and see the final result. Happy 3d ^^

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