How to Animate a Dodgeball Throw in Maya

Today we’ve got Prantic’s first video tutorial; How to throw a dodgeball (no, not a volleyball – that was my bad) in Maya. Now I don’t use Maya very often personally, but it’s Prantic’s main software and he uses it well. Tutorial is really good, though not short so be sure to grab a cup of something before you sit down to watch.

Here’s a quick overview of what will be covered:

  • Working from a storyboard
  • The Primary Animation of a Dodgeball Throw
  • Secondary Animation to make it all look a lot more believable
  • Constraining the ball to the character’s hand then releasing at the right time
  • Various animation timing tweaks

How to Animate a Dodgeball Throw from Heather Craik on Vimeo. Or head over to Prantic’s version on Youtube.

Don’t forget to comment and let him know what you think!

10 thoughts on “How to Animate a Dodgeball Throw in Maya

  1. Dave Doolin

    This is way out of my zone, but I’m glad to hang around for encouragement. Should have enough to start making the rounds on graphics blogs soon.

    Looking forward to seeing more from Prantic.

  2. prantic

    Omg!! Thank you guys…
    I will be pleased to present another lighting tutorial shortly.
    Thank you Mr Doolin, for the encouragement.. 🙂

    1. HeatherCraik

      I’m not sure of any institutes local to you, however if you’re looking online then you have several options available. I personally like 3D Total, Escape Studios, and TAD.


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