Weekend Wanderings; 2 Short Animations you Must see

This is the part of the week where I take a look at the things I saw that connected with me, made me laugh, or were just interesting in general and report back. This particular week that means I’m talking about two animations; lets get to it.


Alight is a short animation less than three minutes long about a fire boy (Sparker) and a water girl (Aquanna). It was made by over 20 people; Jason Keyser was the one that posted it online. Before I get into any more detail, watch the animation.

Alight from Jason Keyser on Vimeo.

When I watched Alight there was an instant connection with the two main characters; you understood who they were and what they were about straight away and even though the animation was short you really felt sad when things didn’t quite work out for them.

The style was beautiful, the animation well executed and seemed to breathe, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Dream Maker

Dream Maker took four years to complete, and once featured in Siggraph (among other film festivals) winning the jury honours award. The creator, Leszek Plichta, is a short film director and CG Artist to this day and you should definitely follow him on LinkedIn after you’ve checked out this short.

DREAMMAKER from Leszek on Vimeo.

Dream Maker’s story is touching. There’s no other way to describe it really; you really want things to turn out well with the characters, the plot makes sense (both marks of good writing), and it has a happy ending. The visuals are gorgeous and you can see a lot of work and thought has gone into the whole thing.

Very well done Leszek!

If you haven’t already seen them, remember to take a quick look at this weeks posts. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings; 2 Short Animations you Must see

    1. Heather Craik

      Ahmad, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that those two animations were made by other people =)

      They are really good though, you should follow the creators.

  1. Dave Doolin

    Very, very nice. I watched Dream Maker last week. I’m not surprised it took 4 years to make. 10 years ago, it probably couldn’t have been made at all!

    Keep them coming.

    1. Heather Craik

      Agreed, have to love that technology’s moved on far enough for people to create things alone. Even if it takes a while it means that there’s some really amazing stuff out there now.

      A happy camper me.


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