That’s it.  I’m giving in.  Sunshine, happy things, fun people, beaches, good food…  I’m actually putting the blog on hold.  I’ve just been unbelievably busy (in a good way for a change) and there’s been very little time to even be online, much less write posts and so on.

Will be back properly in September, still likely to stop by now and then with updates or news, and my other background plans will be continuing on (actual launches of said plans are delayed too, though).  Sorry! Vacation was way too alluring.

Hope everyone else is having a great summer!

12 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Eleanor Edwards

    Good for you Heather. Happy holidays!

    If it helps to know, I can pop over every once in a while, feed the cat, check your mail, water the pot plants if it stays as warm as it has been 😉

    Seriously though, have fun xx

  2. Eric


    It’s been FAR too long since I’ve been here.

    Either way, hope to see you around my end of things sometime and until then, have a great summer and enjoy every minute of it! 🙂

    1. TylinaVespart

      Bet you it’s sunnier here (in a good way) 😛

      As for upgrade, I’m fairly certain it’s still on the old version… I’ll get to it myself at some point if you’re busy though lol. Awesome about the car! Bet you’re happier. =)

      1. Brian Donaldson

        Pretty much 😛 and the job is pretty awesome too! Luckly its cooled down a little, not much though :P… Oh thinking about it, I think I was going to do a backup before I done it but must of been too busy to get around to it…

        I don’t think it needs a backup anyways, pretty easy steps and not too damaging lol… Hope everything is well still =)

        1. TylinaVespart

          Long delays for internet time, love it! Anyways, still having fun 🙂 What’s new over there? (figure it’s been about a week since you commented so just asking :P)

          Do you mind updating it please? Still haven’t and probably not going to be online much this time either to be honest… thanks 😛

      1. Dr Egg

        Err. You must have crossed that date line too many times or you’ve got an alternative Dr and his tardis on tap! I make it a week to go before the 24th!


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