Flights and Sleep

I made you a blog post yesterday but Canada ate it.

Here now though, and the wather has been beautiful!  Canada’s great, if you’ve not been you should visit.  Seriously.  Anyway, this is really just a quick note to say that the summer schedule will be running properly from now on, that I did arrive safely, and that all is well and according to plan.  You’ll hear more from me a little later through the webcomic too (hilarity will ensue, honest).

Have a great weekend folks!

6 thoughts on “Flights and Sleep

  1. Eleanor Edwards

    Hey Heather 🙂
    Glad you’re there safely, even if you have arrived in a greedy, post eating country. Surely they have laws against such thing? Anyway, have fun and you enjoy the rest of the weekend too xx

    1. TylinaVespart

      Hey El!

      I’m pretty sure they do have laws, but with all the hustle of arriving I think we’ll let this one slide. 😉 Having a great time, if you’ve not been over here you should visit. Yes it’s that amazing. x

  2. Brian Donaldson

    Glad your enjoy yourself over there, forgot to find out where about it was lol! My cousin (John) lived over there for a few years but that was ums I forgot now lol… Vancover or something similar I think. Glad your enjoying it, don;t forget to blog now 😛


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