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Colour Wheel

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Today I’ve been playing about a bit with different colour tools and some colour theory (related to my college project) and I found these three gems.  Each is worth a look for totally different reasons, and they’re fun to use too. I don’t want to beat about the bush and have a really long, really serious post (or review) today so this is really just a bit of fun.  Non-graphics people should find it fairly interesting too I think, particularly from a blog/web design point of view.


Assesses accessibility for font colour vs background colour.  But it does it in SUCH a cool way that it deserves a mention; interface is beautiful, and there’s so many useful features.  Worth a quick look and slaying at least five minutes.

Daily Color Scheme

Each day you get a new colour scheme to look at and/or use.  I keep thinking I should combine this with pieces of artwork each day…  seems perfect for challenges like that.  Exposes you to new and interesting colour combinations, though not likely to take more than a minute of your time.

The Color Calculator

Lets you select hue, saturation, and lightness then see what other colours are directly compatible using various ‘types’ (Complement, Triad, Rectangle, etc) on the wheel.  Also provides you with the values for the colours and a quirky design to display the colours together.  Interesting and useful, though not quite as fun as the accessibility site.

15 thoughts on “Three Sites that Play with Colour

  1. Brian

    Could be useful, But too much interactive and wouldn’t get anything done lol… Also a good place for colour theory tools and stuff is the WCAG 1.0 Section 508… ( ) Has a complete list of Accessibility tools. Some are useful for colour testing, for blind users and etc…

    Worth a check, if you ever think about publishing a site or anything on. Since it is a act for disability, but no one yet has been sued for having a “inaccessible” site. But worth a look anyhow =)

  2. Eric

    I don’t have much time to dabble into any of these links right now but I love the first and last one you mentioned here Heather.

    Will definitely check these out. Cool stuff you can do and so many colors are out there it’s crazy.

    @Brian: Yeah W3 has come good stuff on the web and on a variety of different things. I’m not sure how long ago it was but I like how they redesigned their site too.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Build Your Blog With Fire In Mind =-.

    1. TylinaVespart

      I’ll have to admit to being a huge fan of colour, and those sites are just plain fun. 🙂 Getting it right can be a bit of a challenge though… think these sites will help a bit. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. TylinaVespart

      Agreed, Contrast-A is my favourite too. 🙂 Second one is more of a quirky option if you’re just creating art or designs every day and want something new… third one was just useful.

      Have fun working ^_^

  3. Sal

    I love playing with colors! My brother was an art major in high school and when he started talking about primary and secondary, colors, etc…I was surprised to even hear colors were discussed in that way! I think it is fascinating really.
    .-= Sal´s last blog ..Transmission Repair Cost =-.


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