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3D Artist – Games, Films, Short films, Creative projects

You want someone reliable. Willing to jump into the breach and put in the work, to make your project as good as it can be. You don’t want to worry about schedules being met or lack communication and updates. When problems arise in production you want someone that will alert you as soon as it happens and find a solution, quickly.

That’s me. I care about what you’re doing, and I never accept a project I can’t throw myself into heart and soul.

For an extra pair of hands, fresh eyes, or just a little something different for your project click here and we’ll talk asap.

Something a little different?

3D Art is useful for more than just film and games. With more options available in all industries, its important to stand out.

Adverts, trade booths, explainer videos, and images to help your pitch can be given just a little more sparkle and polish with an art commission. Check out the services page for more details or get in touch for a quote.